May 1, 2011

Seattle or Bust!

Hi! It's Wen checking in!  I had an amazing time in Seattle...

First Vlad the cat took me everywhere around the house.  He gave me the grand tour! 

Loki the dog dutifully gave me a bath every day!  Talk about hospitality.

Later, I accidentally mistook Tiber the Grumpy cat for Vlad, hoping for a ride out to the garden. Tiber wasn't very happy with me.

But, I did make it to the garden!  Benji just had planted tomatoes to add to his garden of raspberries, blueberries, various herbs, and other vegetables!

The next morning we got up super early to go to the Half-Priced Books Warehouse sale! The line was long, but we were near the front.

I found the perfect book for that grumpy old cat, Tiber!

After that we went to the University District to get Japanese food at Kikus and new plants for the garden at the Farmer's Market.  Benji and I helped pick out two new Tea plants for his Mommy for Mother's day.

While waiting for our food at Kiku's Benji made me a Money Rainbow over my head! 

Then we went fishing... we waited along time for Benji to catch only ONE fish, but Benji did catch the tree many times!

I had a great time with Benji and his family.  I can't wait to see where I will go next!

Thanks Benji!
Your pal,

April 5, 2011

Beautiful Bonney Lake

I had a lot of fun with Rachel, Hannah, and Noah in Pierce County. We did a lot of amusing things together; such as going on walks, playing basketball, and making chocolate milkshakes. But there were two special things that we did that I thought were the best. 

The first one was when we went to Noah’s birthday party! It was at Odyssey 1 family fun center in Tacoma. There were a lot of arcade games there. It was really cool! 

We went into a room that had a big shark in it. Noah held me up by the shark. I was scared at first, but then I realized it was a painting and wasn’t as scared.


I think my favorite game was the game with ducks in it. I wasn’t very good at playing it, but it was fun to watch Hannah play it. Then we had cake and pizza. The cake was delicious! Finally we headed home. 

My second favorite thing that we did was when we went to Pioneer Farms.  This is in Eatonville and we went for a WAVA outing. I loved riding on the wagon; it was actually pulled by a real horse! 

Then Hannah showed me how to knead dough, I wanted to try, but they wouldn’t let me because I would get really dirty.

Rachel and Hannah dressed up in pioneer clothes. They looked really different.

Noah even tried sawing wood there, too! 

 I had a ton of fun, made new friends and learned a lot at Pioneer Farms...

Thanks Rachel, Noah and Hannah! I can’t wait to meet the next family!

Happy trails to me...